25+ Awesome Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

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Having a baby is a big deal and so why not throwing an epic party with these baby shower gifts? Cause that’s the perfect way to celebrate any budding mom-to-be. It’s no secret that raising a baby will require a lot of time, attention and love…but they will also need a whole lot of stuff. There are all kinds of gizmos, gadgets, equipment and accessories that mom and baby will need to get through the first few months of life, but with so many products on the market it can be confusing to know where to even start.
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28 Best Baby Shower Gifts That Every New Mom Needs

If you’re struggling to find the ideal baby shower gift, you’re in luck. Whether you’re seeking out newborn necessities or something that will just give mom a good laugh, we’ve broken the list down into three simple categories to ensure that your baby shower present will be the best one in the room.

Extremely Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Every new parent needs an arsenal of essentials that can make caring for their new baby a whole lot easier. When it comes to preparing for baby’s arrival, there are a few key items that will be universally appreciated by all expectant mothers. Let’s get right down to business, shall we?

Stationary Baby Seat and Rocker

As much as you might want to hold your baby all the time, there will be moments when your loving arms could use a break. If there’s one thing that any new mom will appreciate, it’s the convenience of a cozy baby seat that will safely nestle their little bundle of joy. This highly-rated reclining rocker can be used from infancy to all the way to toddlerhood and it’s equipped with calming vibrations that’ll soothe any baby into a sound sleep. Easy assembly, vibrant colors and a removable bar with hanging toys make this baby seat both practical and as close to perfection as you could possibly get!

Baby Travel Station

You’ll be the most prepared parent ever with this baby travel kit that features a portable padded changing pad, waterproof pockets and ample storage for all of your diapering duty doodads. This lightweight lifesaver may look like your average clutch, but it unfolds to become the handiest baby changing station you’ve ever laid eyes on. When your baby needs a new diaper on the go, all of your diapers, wipes, and creams will be meticulously organized in one convenient location. You really can’t go wrong with this nifty product.

Daily Care Baby & Mommy Gift Set

If finding the most rave-worthy present isn’t always your strong suit, rest assured that gift sets are always a fabulous option for all occasions. This refreshing six-piece daily essentials gift set comes with a variety of skincare products to pamper both mom and baby. Complete with body baby wash, shampoo, moisturizer and other bath time items all wrapped up in a cute little tote bag, this is one gift that will surely be used time and time again.

On-the-Go Baby Dome

This one is for busy parents who are always on the move. Planning on having your baby tag along on all of your excursions? No problem! This trusty 2-in-1 travel system makes a great portable play space for baby or it can double as a napping nook. It can be used indoors or outdoors, comes with an adjustable canopy and removable toys, and it even folds flat to create a convenient and compact solution for traveling with a baby by your side.

Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

Your newborn will require a considerable amount of maintenance, especially in the first few months of life. One way to keep up with your baby’s beauty regimen is with this dependable grooming kit that features 25 essential healthcare items. This kit really does have it all – from tiny nail clippers, a baby thermometer, nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, and a cradle cap comb to a toddler toothbrush and everything in between, this set is exactly what every mom-to-be needs. Did we mention it all comes in a cute adjustable case?

Newborn Baby Gift Set

If you want to give a gift that’s both essential and enchanting, this newborn baby gift set is enough to make anyone let out an audible “aww”. Of course, it features your basic baby necessities such as baby powder, soap and lotion, but it also comes with a precious onesie, pint-sized socks, and a cuddly stuffed teddy bear for good measure. You can choose blue or pink based on the baby’s gender, and it also comes with a cute keepsake storage case.

Natural Baby Bottle Essentials Gift Set

Baby bottles are one of the most important things that new moms need to stock up on before their little one makes its debut into the world, so why not consider them for a baby shower gift? This feeding gift set is the holy grail of baby shower essentials because it comes with four anti-colic bottles, a bottle brush, a microwave steam sterilizer and two pacifiers to sooth baby. There’s just no doubt that any new mom would love to receive this stunning set, so what are you really waiting for?

Deluxe Welcome New Baby Boy Gift Basket

If you know someone who is expecting a baby boy, this is the one baby shower gift you’ll definitely want to get. This giant basket of newborn goodies features a wide assortment of baby products that boast a blue theme. With a stunning selection of practical products paired with sentimental keepsake kits and “baby’s first” milestone mementos, this gift literally covers all bases when it comes to being the perfect gift for a newborn baby boy.

Large Organizer Tote Bag

This unisex oversized tote bag is enough to impress everyone from seasoned parents to expectant moms and dads. This is the most ideal way to store all of your infant must-haves including diapers, teething toys and baby wipes. You’ll be able to have everything right at your fingertips with this excellent organizer. Great for inside the nursery or even on the go, just grab by the top handles and be on your way with this must-have tote that is totally worth every penny.

Twins New Babies Gift Basket

What could be better than expecting a baby? How expecting two babies!? This twin-tastic gift basket has double the amount of swag for moms who are preparing for a pair of new arrivals. From cotton swabs and teething rings to stuffed sheep toys to snuggle with, you won’t be disappointed by what this sweet set has to offer. This is a unique way to give a gift that’s both memorable and useful for twin mamas.

Deluxe Baby Bather

Even if you don’t know the about babies, you can be sure that every expectant mother has a baby bath on her “must have” list. This deluxe baby bather can be used in the sink or the bath tub and can be reclined into three comfy positions for baby to relax and unwind during tub time. Featuring a foldable design for storage and travel, along with machine washable fabric and padded head support for your youngin’, this top-rated baby bather is sure to make the ultimate baby shower present.

Baby Nursery Organizer and Diaper Caddy

When it comes to managing life as a new parent, the best way to keep your composure is to stay organized. This baby nursery organizer and diaper caddy will offer a helping hand by keeping your growing supply of diapers and other newborn knick-knacks in order. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing anything ever again with this manageable organization system. Made from foldable material with the ability to hang anywhere, this caddy is versatile and very functional. What more could you ask for?

Hello Baby Amazon Gift Card

If you really can’t decide on a baby shower present that will knock everyone’s socks off, you simply can’t go wrong with a gift card from Amazon. Featuring an adorable “Hello Baby” theme, an Amazon gift card that features a custom spending amount will allow the recipient to pick out exactly what she wants to prepare for her impending arrival. With a seemingly endless amount of baby options to choose from, this is a prime way to show someone you care.


Just For Fun Baby Shower Gifts

Now that we’ve got all of the serious stuff out of the way, you might want to consider a more lighthearted baby shower gift for the expectant mom-to-be. Here are a few treasures that can be classified as “just for fun” and a couple of hilarious baby shower gift we know will get a few laughs from partygoers.

Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Diaper duty can be a drag, so why not make the most of a messy situation with this hilarious diapering apron? Perfectly suited for new dads, this funny gag gift comes complete with a face mask, rubber gloves, clothes pins and even “bottle nipples” in case of emergencies. Any dad will be ready to tackle even the dirtiest diaper with this playful baby shower present!

Baby Shield Funny Gift

If you’ve already found the perfect gift for your favorite mom-to-be but still want to be the life of the party, this “baby shield” gag gift box is just what you need. This may look like an utterly ridiculous contraption, but it’s actually a genius way to pull off the perfect prank. Just slip your actual gift inside this box and watch hilarity ensue as the guest of honor thinks she’s getting the gag gift of the century.

Sonogram Keepsake Photo Frame

Commemorate even the earliest memories of your little one with this precious keepsake photo frame. Detailed with the inscription “love at first sight”, this picture frame is a wonderful way to display ultrasound photos for all to admire. It features neutral colors to go with the theme of any nursery and can either be set upright or wall-mounted for the most darling design.

Foot Finders & Wrist Rattles

They may not be the most important item on your baby registry, but these foot finders are wrist rattles sure are fun! Each set comes with two socks and wrist bands that feature vibrant colors and gentle rattling noises with every movement. Designed for healthy sensory stimulation, this silly shower gift will keep your baby rocking and rolling to the beat of his own sounds. Made with newborns and infants in mind, these rattles would be a hit at any baby shower.

Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket

Every doting parent loves taking pictures of their baby, and this monthly milestone blanket would make an amazing prop for photo ops! This top-quality blanket highlights the first twelve months of baby’s life. Made from thick fleece, this blanket will be used time and time again by you and your baby for their first year and beyond. It’s unisex design makes it perfect for boys and girls and it would be a charming way to welcome a new bundle of joy into the world.

Unisex Infant Swaddle Blankets

Made from soft knit fleece, these unisex infant swaddle blankets are premium quality, warm, and so cozy that your baby will drift right off into dreamland. These wool blankets can be used at home or as stroller wraps on the go. They can accommodate newborns all the way through the first twelve months and they are come in a wide range of colors including grey, light pink, dark blue and white. These swaddle blankets are luxurious in every way. If you want your baby shower gift to get noticed, these fancy fleece swaddles will surely get lots of love.

Chic Baby Pacifier with Carrying Case

If you want your newborn to feel like a real boss baby, these silver pacifiers are purely perfection. Sure, just about every baby has a binky at one point or another…but how many of them have a swanky silver one? It’s patent-pending design is chic, sophisticated and even eco-friendly. Whether you want it for a special occasion or everyday use, this is one baby gift you wouldn’t want to pass up!

Baby Soft Cloth Books

If intellect is of utmost importance to you, how about getting a baby gift that’s both fun and educational? This 12-pack of soft baby books include exciting information about sea life, colors, shapes, numbers, nature and more. They’re also full of crinkly material that babies just can’t resist. Whether they’re chewing on these books or brushing up on their knowledge, all babies will love this series of cloth bath books.

Deluxe New Baby Blossom Clothing Bouquet

Just when you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to unique baby gifts, this incredible baby blossom clothing bouquet shows up out of nowhere. This might look like a pretty potted plant at first glance, but upon further inspection it’s actually a meticulously crafted gift. Featuring a keepsake flower pot and onesies, receiving blankets, bibs, hats, socks and mittens disguised as flowers, this is an awesome baby shower gift that is both useful and undeniably adorable.


Fashion & Accessories For Baby

We just can’t resist including a few fashionable items for new babies that are just too cute beyond words. If pint-sized outfits and accessories are your thing, you’ve come to the right place! From onesies to tiny little baby socks and everything in between, stylish gifts are always a win at baby showers.

Baby Jumpsuit

Everyone loves baby clothes, so stocking up on a few statement pieces is a definite no-brainer. This darling sleeveless romper features high-quality cotton material, snap-button closure for easy access diapering, and a choice of two popular designs: Star Wars or Baby Shark. Available in newborn sizes all the way through toddlers, this tiny jumpsuit is swoon-worthy in every way.

Newborn Baby Girl Jumpsuit

Know someone who’s expecting a little diva in training? This beautiful jumpsuit set features a tiny onesie with sassy sayings on it like “I’m Daddy’s girl and Mommy’s world”. It also comes with frilly bottoms and a matching headband, and who wouldn’t want that? If your baby is a fashionista from birth, you’ll definitely want this stylish baby girl jumpsuit ensemble.

Large Baby Bath Towel

You’ve probably seen a lot of cute things for newborn babies by now, but this hooded bath towel with baby bear ears is almost too good to be true. Imagine a little baby all bundled up in this delicate plush towel after tubby time. It’s cute, cuddly, and made from the softest material that’s suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. Not only that, but it’s neutral design makes it ideal for both girls, boys, and future parents who want to keep the gender a surprise until baby’s arrival.

Baby Girl Socks and Headband Giftset

One of the perks of having a baby girl is all the fun clothing and accessories you get to buy. Dressing up a little girl in her finest attire is basically a rite of passage for new moms, and this socks and headband gift set would be a great place to start. The set includes a set of three socks and headbands complete with prominent bows and wrapped nicely in a gift box. As far as girly gifts go, doesn’t get much better than this!

Baby Bandana Set

These sensible baby bandanas are an equal mix of fashion and function. Available in four cute modern designs, these bandanas double as a bib and also come with two pacifier clips and a useful storage case. Featuring adjustable snaps, hypoallergenic material with super absorbency, you’ll want your baby draped in these bold bandanas all the time. If the perfect baby shower gift is what you’re seeking, these will definitely check off every box.

Baby Socks Gift Set

Babies get cold a lot easier than we do, which is why they often need their tiny toes covered by a soft pair of socks to keep them warm. Of course, every newborn could use a few pairs of socks, but these ones go the extra mile. These sassy socks feature silly sayings on the bottom of the feet such as “If you can read this, bring me some milk” and “Of course I’m cute, just look at my mom”. If a lighthearted gift with a hint of comic relief, try these baby socks on for size.


Shopping for a baby shower gift is supposed to be exciting and invigorating, so don’t sweat it if you can’t figure out which direction to go in when it comes to making a big purchase. Baby shower shopping will be a breeze with our complete guide of the Best Baby Shower Gifts. Whether you’re a baby expert or a someone who’s never even changed a diaper in your life, this list will guide you to the best baby gifts for new and expectant mothers. Baby shower guests of honor will always benefit from receiving new baby essentials, but they will also be thankful for some funny and fashionable gifts as well. When it comes to shopping gifts for toddlers or a new arrival, we’ve got it all taken care of with this informative list of gift ideas!

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