Alaska Ulu Knife

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Alaska Ulu Knife

This handmade Alaska Ulu knife is coming right from Alaska by the North Star Knife Ulu Company. There are lots of low-quality ulu knife copies on Amazon, but this one is the real deal! It’s a real damascus-style blade that will keep doing it’s job and last forever, as long as you treat it with love. The Ulu knifes have a long tradition and are being produced in a place where temperatures can drop to -60 degrees F in the winter. That’s why there is no choice but to use rugged, hardy materials to produce this wonderful masterpiece to withstand the weather. It’s no wonder that this original Ulu knife is receiving perfect reviews with extremely satisfied customers!

Handmade Alaska Ulu Knife

Why the Alaska Ulu Knife is a Great Gift Idea

We have countless funny, gag and tech products that may draw attention or be useful for a short amount of time. But this alaska ulu knife is one of the few quality products that may become one of your favorite tools in the kitchen and stay by your side forever. This awesome alaska knife was made with passion by native Alaskans and is ready to cut everything on its path. The ulu knife is a perfect tool for cutting pizza, mincing garlic or other vegetables. The unique design of the alaska ulu knife creates efficient ergonomics by placing the force of your hand directly over the blade. This results in less wrist and grip fatigue and is perfect for those who may be able to use only one hand.

We think the traditional alaskan knife may be a perfect gift for guys who like to cook or mothers who deserve an upgrade on their kitchen tools. Anyway, this might be a special unusual gift idea that definitely draws attention!

Here is a video on how an ulu knife is made:

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