Alarm Clock Rug

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Alarm Clock Rug

Now you must get up to stop this smart Alarm Clock Rug because it will not stop if you don’t step on it for at least 5 seconds. Are you one of those night owls who hit the snooze button over and over again? Then the Alarm Clock Rug is the solution for you.

Wake up early with this super cool alarm clock rug

alarm clock rug

Today’s generation is known as night owls that don’t really sleep at night. Getting up early sometimes feels like Mission Impossible to them. Never get late again for office or college with this cool alarm clock. So if you want to be fit and fine, don’t allow yourself to stop your alarms. Never press the snooze button again and again. Does it sound tough? Not anymore! That’s because this fantastic alarm clock rug will never let you sleep again. You must be wondering how it works! Let’s check out.

How does the Alarm Clock Rug work?

Usually, in the morning, you snooze the alarm and go for sleep. So these traditional clocks will never work for you. If you need real motivation, then you have to choose this new invention. If you want to stop this funny alarm clock rug, you have to do it by standing on it for at least 3 seconds. In short, the user has to wake up forcefully. Let’s check out some of its other features.

Wake up daily on time

The college-going students or office going people always struggle to get out of their bed in the morning. That struggle is over now because you can wake up like a champion daily. You already know that this alarm clock rug will not stop until you stand on it for 3 seconds. Slowly it will become your effortless habit to get up on time in the morning.

Enjoy your personal MP3 with the alarm clock rug

You can even set your personal MP3 as an alarm. It will be an enjoyable experience. All you have to do is connect your fun rug with USB. Then you can upload your favourite MP3 by using free software. So if you are a music lover, this super cool product will be a blessing for you.

Enjoy the comfort

ruggie alarm clock rug

This funny alarm clock rug gives you incredible pleasure. Its fluffy fabric gives you a super soft texture. Slow rebounding foam wraps around this Ruggie. It makes it incredibly comfortable. Usually, when you wake up, you take your feet on a cold floor. It feels horrible, isn’t it? Now you can forget that horrible feeling and start enjoying softness on your gentle feet early in the morning.

Enhance the look of your home d├ęcor

This amazing product not only makes you wake up early in the morning but also enhances the look of your room. Its modern design goes with any interior. You can even pick the color according to your preference. Your guests will never identify its incredible functions. So it’s time to say goodbye to your other alarm clocks because your classic alarm clock rug is here to fulfill all your requirements.

If you want to stay motivated, then keep in mind that you have to beat the snooze. Always look healthy and inhale fresh oxygen from the air by waking up early. It is only possible if this loud Ruggie rings continuously for 3 seconds to 30 seconds. You can set the rug according to your preferences and you are ready to go! Think of it as a little helper in the morning to kick your butt out of the bed. If you know someone who is a night owl as well, make it a nice present! The alarm clock rug is one of those useful but cool gadgets that you won’t share with anyone.

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