Affirmation cards

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Ever needed a motivational pack of affirmation cards that will always remember just how frikkin’ amazing you are? Every affirmation card has a little motivational quote written on it so you can draw one each day, or — if you’re really in a bad mood — just go through that whole pack like there’s no tomorrow.

affirmation card set

Get your daily dose of motivation with an Affirmation Cards set

Seriously, who doesn’t know how it is to have a really bad day? Your girlfriend broke up with you, you have to handle stressful situations at work or maybe the whole sh*t is happening at the same time. If the world seems to fall apart around you what could be better than motivating words from somebody?

These cards are the perfect motivation you need to start into the day. Whether for a despressing friend or just for yourself, anyone needs a bit of motivation each day that will put a smile on your face. Just get a pack and gift it to someone who really needs it and don’t forget to add some meaningful words because this gift, as small as it is, can really make a change.

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