6-Person Inflatable Boat

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Grab your friends and go party with the fantastic 6-Person inflatable boat that has enough room for your BFFs, and it has a built-in cooler. Let’s get the party started with your super inflatable speedboat!

6-person inflatable speedboat


Why not increase your summer fun with a 6-Person Inflatable Boat. This boat is designed to lounge, relax and enjoy the sun with friends. Once inflated, it actually looks like a boat and there are other types like the big flamingo or the swan boat as well. With plenty of room for friends to relax and enjoy the cool waters. Plus, it has a cooler so you can keep everyone hydrated.  Let’s not forget it also has 8 built in cup holders too. The boat can be inflated in about 30 minutes and ready for use. You can purchase a pump separately.

swan inflatable pool toy for groups

The joys of hot summer days are right around the corner.  Think about all the fun you can have at the nearest lake. Lounging around soaking up the rays of the sun.  Having fun with friends and family.  What if you could enjoy your time even more on a boat.

inflatable boat with drink cooler

Okay, so not everyone can afford a boat. They are quite expensive and demand a lot of maintenance.  And of course many will let this dream fade. What if you could own a boat and be able to store it all winter long in your closet?

huge flamingo pool float

Many lakes and rivers will not allow gas propelled boats to help protect the ecosystem. With this boat, you have nothing to worry about, it is friendly for the environment. Smile as you enjoy your 6-Person Inflatable Boat, while others complain about being board on the beach.

6-person inflatable party boat

No luck with a lake or river nearby. Don’t have time to travel? That’s okay, throw a party in your back yard. Show off your 6-Person Inflatable boat and incorporate it into a theme for your summer party.  The inflatable party boat can provide a unique seating area for friends and family to enjoy. If you have a pool, pop it in the water for additional enjoyment.

flamingo pool float

Add to your summer fun with exciting inflatable pool toys.

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