4500 Live Ladybugs

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A Bag of Ladybugs
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Send your ex a box full of 4500 Live Ladybugs that they’ll never forget! Or just be nice to mother nature and release these hard little workers in your garden to clean up all the aphids and other unwanted insects from your vegetables.

4500 live ladybugs

4500 Live Ladybugs: An Unforgettable Gag Idea

In case you might be looking for a funny gag gift, this is the top. Here’s one for you. 4500 Live Ladybugs. That’s Four thousand, five hundred.  Ladybugs. Need I say more?  That’s more than enough ladybugs to cover a garden 3000 square feet! That’s what the product is advertised as – an organic pest control solution. Ladybugs are known predators of aphids, leaf hoppers, mites, mealybugs, and more. I would suppose that had I actually decided to purchase the ladybugs as an organic form of pest control, I would be able to offer some insight into whether or not this works as advertised, and whether or not it is worth the asking price based upon that purpose.

However, that is far from the reason that I decided to purchase these things. I ordered a quantity of ten… So that’s a total of forty-five thousand ladybugs that were delivered promptly to the front door of my humble abode.  No, that’s no typo. I needed as many as I could get, but any more than that many and I thought I may raise suspicions… you never really know who is watching. In any case, back to why I ordered my large quantity (did I get enough?) of ladybugs. It is quite “a loveliness”. Oh, that’s the actual name for a group of ladybugs. Go ahead, look it up… I’ll be here when you get back…

ladybugs collection

Anyway I told you it was called “a loveliness”. I mentioned that ladybugs are the natural predators of certain other bugs. What I didn’t mention is that my brother’s wife is absolutely, completely, inexplicably, and deathly afraid of ladybugs. Yes.

While being asked to house sit for them while they went on vacation, I decided to do a little redecorating. This may seem a bit extreme, but hey… I was raised by my parents to always put forth my very best effort when I do something. So, I guess blame them.  Yeah, it’s their fault. So here I am house watching… let’s call them Seth and Julia… Seth and Julia’s house and I’ve taken down every decoration on the wall I can find. That was the boring part. Earlier in the day, I went to a few different craft and home décor stores and purchased every shadow box I could find. I had them stored in the garage, waiting for my return. Each one of the shadow boxes, and there were about 50 of them, I had filled with hundreds and hundreds of my little lovely winged friends.  I hung those shadow boxes up on every wall throughout Seth and Julia’s cute ranch style home. Shadow boxes, staggered, with absolutely no regard to organization or style, it is one of Seth’s biggest pet peeves.

bag of ladybugs

At the end of my inspired redecoration, my reinvention of their living space, I sat down with an imported beer and watched some late night television. The real fun was to be had soon enough. I didn’t have a camera, not a good one. I had to call up Jimmy (that’s my friend, his name is Jimmy. He has a camera. There. You’re caught up) to borrow a camera. This was going to be documented.

I had to wait an excruciatingly long two additional days before Seth and Julia would return from their little vacation, but it was definitely worth it.

Oh wow. I wish they wouldn’t have sued me, or I’d share the video link of how they freaked out when they walked in. Luggage flying in the air, Julia threw up. It was wonderful.  I mean, now I have a PPO against me, and Christmas is awkward, but wow… fun times.  So yea, this is way more than just a box of 4500 Live Ladybugs. I am legendary now at the craft store.

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