The 10 Best Unusual Christmas Trees You Totally Need Right Now

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Decorate your home with the Best Unusual Christmas Trees around! Add a touch of fun to your home with one of these fun trees. Each one is unique and will provide an extra conversation piece to your home that friends and family will absolutely love with your special touches.
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The 10 Best Unusual Christmas Trees For Those Who Don’t Stick To Standards

Upside Down Christmas Tree

An Upside Down Christmas Tree is sure to make the family speechless as they view this interesting creation. With a 4 post base to keep the Upside Down Christmas Tree in place, the kids will have fun adding their own special touch when decorating the tree. The really unique part, you have more room for gifts under the tree. Own a business, use is as a space saver. You could even find a way to mount it to the ceiling to create even more room to move around. Perfect for small space homes.

Rainbow Christmas Tree

Add more color with the Rainbow Christmas Tree. Each section of the tree is a different color, which adds a vibrant touch to any home. The Rainbow Christmas Tree is specially designed for anyone that wants to keep the holiday spirit alive all year long. Think about the possibilities of being able to decorate the tree for every holiday throughout the year. The Rainbow Christmas Tree will look great not just for Christmas, how about Valentine’s day, Easter, 4th of July and more! So go crazy with color with the creativity that can explode when it comes to the Rainbow Christmas Tree.

Mini Tabletop Christmas Tree

When you don’t have much space in your home, how about a Mini Tabletop Christmas Tree. Add just the right touch of warmth and comfort to any home. The Mini Tabletop is the perfect size for anyone who lives in an apartment, nursing home or how about the RV trend setters. Perfect to add that special touch to any home. You could even go crazy and have a Christmas Tree in every room of your home!

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree will bring back special memories for everyone. This iconic tree will make anyone want to race over and give the tree plenty of love. The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree comes with the soft blanket of Linus and the one ornament that Charlie Brown tries to hang on the tree. Keep the tree with the one ornament or have the kids add some more tendering loving care to this special tree.

The Black Christmas Tree

Add mystery to your home with the Black Christmas Tree. That’s right, this deep dark colored tree can come to life with the vibrance of any color you wish to add to it. You can even theme up the Black Christmas Tree. Go all gold or all silver, or how about your favorite movie. You could even do your entire home to represent that most infamous movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Add in some Halloween decorations and go crazy!

The White Northern Lights Tree

Add bright vibrant colors with the White Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis is so beautiful and captivating, add that beauty to your home. The White Northern Lights are a rainbow of color and now you can have it shown in your home every year with the touch of a beautiful tree. The White Northern Lights Tree is another one that you could keep up all year long and add a touch of holiday spirit for every holiday. Make it the center of attention in your home for everyone to enjoy!

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

The Candy Cane Christmas Tree is the perfect tree for those who truly love candy canes. Instead of filling the tree with the sweet minty bites of goodness, have the whole tree remind everyone of those special treats and what they mean every year. The true history stems back through the 1600s as for the history of the treat. The Candy Cane Christmas Tree is a great way to start off a conversation about memories of candy canes or even to talk about the history of the special treats that only show up around the holidays. You can choose from 2 options the 5 foot tree or the 7 foot tree. So go wild and bring back special memories of the candy cane.

White Christmas Tree

When you dream of a white Christmas, go while with a White Christmas Tree. When you live in an area of no snow, its always nice to have something to remind you of fun times you and your family may have had out in the cold white winter wonderland around your home town. The White Christmas Tree can be quite versatile and be decorated in many different ways. So go wild with reds or how about teals, blues, greens. Create different ways to decorate each year with a White Christmas Tree.

Pink Christmas Tree

A Pink Christmas Tree is sure to make a statement in any home. For those living in a tropical climate, you can go absolutely crazy with coming up with fun and silly ways to decorate a Pink Christmas Tree. Consider finding mini flamingos, flip flops, surf boards, images of the sun. Bring about a tropical feel to your holiday with a Pink Christmas Tree.

White Snow Pencil Tree

When you don’t have a lot of room, go with a White Snow Pencil Tree. The tree is flocked and looks like it is covered in frost with bits of green peering out from every angle and area. Having a smaller tree can offer more area for piles of gifts all around it. You can get very creative with the White Snow Pencil Tree. With its narrow size it can fit almost anywhere in any room. Think of the many possibilities of how you can decorate or provide a tree for each room of your home.
If you are just getting started on your decorating, you have so many choices available when it comes to finding unique Christmas Trees. So let your imagination go wild when it comes to your holiday decorating. There are tons of possibilities and these 10 are sure to be a win in your home with family and friends. Are you in Christmas mood and want to decorate your home even more? Check out these 20+ funny Christmas decoration ideas as well!

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