The 10 Best Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers To Buy

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Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers can be hard to find. But, this list of top 10 salt and pepper shakers should be added to anyone’s collection. These are perfect for gifts or adding to your own collection.
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The 10 Best Unique Salt & Pepper Shakers for Any Budget

Magnetic Shark Salt Pepper Shaker

Take a bite out of your salt and pepper with the Magnet Shark Salt & Pepper Shaker. This frisky fella is chomping down on a leg of pepper pretty hard to keep it in place. With 3 inches of bite, the Magnet Shark Salt & Pepper Shaker might be nice and share that delicious bit of spice with you. The easy to clean ceramic surface provides wonderful detail of the shark and the leg that he is holding in his mouth. The Magnet Shark Salt & Pepper Shaker is sure to be a conversation piece in your collection.

Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers

Say Hello to the Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers. They are sure to walk their way into your heart and on to your table with their little robotic bodies. Simply wind them up to pass salt and pepper to family and friends at your dinner table. They may move a little slow bot the Robot Salt & Pepper Shakers are sure to make everyone smile at the dinner table. They also make a great gift for any collectors in your life.

Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

When you have a love for two different collections bring them together with the Snow Globe Salt And Pepper Shakers. That’s right! If you love collecting snow globes but, also love collecting salt and pepper shakers, you can now bring the two collections together with these adorable polar bears in black and white. Shake your world with happiness. The clear globes show off the two bears, white for salt and black for pepper. Really freak out friends and family by filling them with the opposite spices. They are sure to laugh when they find the bears hiding within the spice. The perfect pieces to add to any collection of globes or salt and pepper shakers, the Snow Globe Salt And Pepper Shakers are pieces to add.

Salt and Pepper Batteries

A really good laugh can be had by all with the Salt And Pepper Batteries. These cute little devils actually come in a battery style packaging. Red for Pepper and Blue for Salt. You won’t get these mixed up at the dinner table. Each of the Salt And Pepper Batteries has a window to show the amount of spice that is in each one. The Salt And Pepper Batteries are sure to keep your collection going with envy from those that see them. A definite addition to any collection of salt and pepper shakers.

Science Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers

Feel like a scientist adding just the right spice to any meal with the Science Flask Salt And Pepper Shakers. As you measure out ingredients, you can read on each beaker the correct periodic label and see the contents within the glass flask. The Science Flask Salt And Pepper Shakers would be an wonderful touch to a themed party or event.

Marshmallow Smores Salt and Pepper Set

Add a touch of cuteness and found memories with the Marshmallow Smores Salt And Pepper Shakers. These cute little smiling marshmallows are sure to make you smile with their detailed graham crackers ooozing with chocolate. The ceramic is glazed with just the right touch of flair bringing back that simple touch of nostalgia.

Star Wars Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers

Every Collection needs the Star Wars Droid Salt & Pepper Shakers. This unique set is perfect for all collectors that love not only shakers but how about the movie Star Wars. Salt is in R2-D2 and Pepper in R2Q5. This collection is sure to bring back lots of memories of the first time you watched Star Wars and how much you enjoyed it. If you know someone that really loves the Star Wars Movies, the Star Wars Droid Salt & Pepper Shakers are sure to excite anyone who loves the movie.

Unicorn Salt & Pepper Set

Add a little cute fantasy with Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers. This cute little set comes in the design most recognized with the anime characters. The bubbly design and cute faces are sure to make any collector smile with these cute ceramic unicorns in their collection. The Unicorn Salt & Pepper Shakers are easy to clean can be filled by the bottom and are each a little different to tell salt from pepper with the upper holes, 3 for salt, 2 for pepper.

Two Peas Salt and Pepper Shakers

Just like best friends the Two Peas Salt And Pepper Shakers are sweet and perfect for any addition to a salt and pepper collection. The peas rest sweetly on a pea pod, one looks to be resting while the other is wide eyed. The Two Peas Salt And Pepper Shakers are easy to clean, made of ceramic and go well in any themed kitchen.

Luchador Salt and Pepper Shakers

Go absolutely crazy with the Luchador Salt And Pepper Shakers. These shakers look like they are battling on the mat of a wrestling rink. Made of ceramic, one in black with a white face, the other white with a black face. Both made of ceramic for easy to clean purposes. The rink also ceramic with wood posts and gating, looks just like a wrestling rink. The Luchador Salt And Pepper Shakers are sure to make any collector smile having these little bad boys added to their collection.

For collectors who have been adding to their collections over the years, many of these unusual sets would be perfect to add. Not only will they make great conversation pieces but, can appear rare to even the most professional of collectors.

For anyone who wants to start collecting salt and pepper shakers, these funny and unique gift options are a great way to help get a loved one started. These are also great for kids to start their own collections too. Even starting someone on a theme of funny salt and pepper shakers is a great way to get them hooked on a fun way to add spice to any meal, or home decorating.

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