The 10 Best Gym Lover Gifts for Real Workout Junkies

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In honor of those significant others that value their health, we have compiled a list of the 10 Best Gym Lover Gifts for you to get your loved ones. Working on oneself is often a difficult task to undertake and sometimes they need to be let known that you care about their body as well. These gifts for gym lovers are sure to let them feel appreciated, if not crack a smile or two.
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The Ten Best Gym Lover Gifts to Buy in 2020

Dumbbell Eating Utensils

I used to have a friend who was obsessed with bodybuilding, and when I say obsessed I mean this guy would eat, breathe, and sleep just to get to the gym. If he were near me now I would for sure purchase these awesome utensils. I’m sure that between ripping phone books in half and lifting cars he would take time to laugh at these funny gifts for workout junkies.

Dumbbell Beer Glass

One of the best ways to gain strength and mass is to go at some weights until muscle failure, drop weight, and go til failure again. When you just can’t lift anymore, you go down to the bar to celebrate your hard work and do some 12 oz curls. These dumbbell beer glasses weigh in at 25 oz and are a great way to announce to people that you aren’t done working out yet. A perfect gift for your friend who loves to workout.

Gym Rat Bobblehead Pen Holder

This is the perfect desk accessory for your boss or friend whose second job is at the office. Not only does it add some color to a relatively bland environment, but it also doubles as a pen holder and paperweight. With the phrase ‘Shut up and Squat’ emblazoned across the base, your friends coworkers will definitely know who the workhorse of the office is.

Customized Body Builder Trophy

This is one of the best gifts for gym lovers you can get a competitive person to truly let them know you appreciate their hard work. Finding time to go to bodybuilding competitions is hard in today’s world of fast-paced work environments, so getting them a trophy will help them feel like the winner they are. This trophy can be customized with three lines of text, letting you put a personal message on the base of the trophy for your friend.

Sweat Activated Motivational Workout Shirt

This awesome and truly unique gift for gym lovers is sweat-activated. It features a powerbar across the chest that fills up when the person wearing it drenches the shirt in sweat. The shirt is an awesome motivator and a way to inspire those at the gym, not to mention a great icebreaker at the water cooler. A great way to have fun at the gym while working your tail off.

Workout Stress Relief Putty

Another one of the funny gifts for workout junkies, this stress relief putty is a hilarious gift to get your friend when they need to find a way to blow off steam and can’t make it to the gym. The lid of the jar that the putty comes in states ‘Workouts Make Me Moist’ and is a perfect gift to pair with the sweat-activated workout shirt listed above.

Dumbbell Shaped Water Bottle

One of the most important aspects of working out is staying hydrated. And when it comes to gifts for workout fiends you can’t go wrong with this dumbbell-shaped water bottle. With a huge 2.2 liter capacity, your friend won’t have to visit the water fountain over and over, just fill up once and your friend will be good to go for the entirety of their workout session. Available in several colors, this water bottle is one of the best gym lover gifts you can purchase for your friend.

Funny Gym Mug

This mug is a great gift for your friend with that junk in the trunk. It’s already hard to ignore a gal with a great butt, but with this mug in her hands, they will be hilariously hard to miss. The mug comes in two sizes, 11 oz, and 15 oz. For those who aren’t quite sure how much coffee they need in the morning before heading out to the gym.

Funny Gym Socks

If there is a single fundamental truth to the existential crisis that is life, it’s that socks become increasingly important the older you get. Let your friend know you care about their toes and feet with these fun socks. There’s no better way to describe the thoughts running through a gym rat’s head. When they finally kick up their feet than the phrases on the bottom of the feet of these socks.

Quick Sweat Workout Game

This is an incredibly clever game to help motivate your friend to stay in shape. Designed by Sergeant Volkin from the U.S. Army this game is sure to help keep your bud in fighting shape. The workouts themselves are displayed in videos made by SGT Volkin himself. They’re accessible by scanning the QR codes on the cards of the game. This game is so successful that SGT Volkin received a medal from the U.S. Army for its creation and implementation.
No Excuses
Working out is hard work, and emotions are just as powerful as muscle when applied properly. So when it comes to working out and staying motivated a bunch of hard one-liners comes to mind. But when taking the time to let your gym rat buddies know that you care about them, I can’t think of a better one than ‘No Excuses’. And these are some of the best gifts for gym lovers you can purchase. So get that boy or girl in your life something special and let them know you care. If you’re interested in more fitness related gifts we’ve got some amazing fitness gifts for guys and awesome fitness gifts for girls that you may be interested in.

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