The 10 Best Computer Mice That Are Absolutely Amazing

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We have something special for you gamers out there, we have compiled a list of the best computer mice. Between the upcoming election, riots in the west, and being quarantined by COVID, tensions are so thick in the air you could just about cut it with a butter knife. Thank God for video games, because there is no better way to blow off steam than to fire up your console and lay some newbs to utter waste.
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The 10 Best Unique Computer Mice to Buy in 2021

When it comes to your gaming rig it seriously pays to be the best. Honestly, I know professional gamers from playing alongside them before they went pro. Once these guys got out of the home environment and into the arena one thing I noticed is the amount of attention they paid to the gear they strapped up their gaming rig with, especially the mice.

So, in honor of virtual blood matches, we have a list of the best unique computer mice you can purchase for your precious little murder machine in 2021. Whether you are a gamer, developer, or web surfer, I guarantee that we have something for you here.

Ultralight Gaming Mouse

This unique gaming mouse is designed to be ultralight and barely even noticeable in its use. The body of this little bugger is even honeycombed to reduce the weight without sacrificing the strength of materials, very similar to how one would drill holes in a racing vehicle frame. The cord of the mouse is braided and built to ensure dependability through heavy use. With 6 buttons that support macro use and a 2-year warranty, this mouse is a quality item.

Pixel Mouse

Okay, say you are one of those gamers with a lot of personality and you love to snipe on COD. Nothing will tell people who see your gaming rig that you have a finger of death better than a pixelated mouse in the shape of the traditional windows pointer. Enter the Pixel Mouse, one of the coolest mice on the market. Whether you are a developer or gamer, this mouse has an undeniable style.

Francesca Fox Mouse

This highly stylized mouse is built for mobile coffee shop web surfers. Being wireless in the design there is no muss or fuss with a cable, meaning that storing it in a backpack is hassle-free. The unique feature of this artful mouse is found in the scroll wheel which not only scrolls but has the cool function of tilting left or right, allowing you to move forward and back as well. If you are a person that surfs pages at lightning-fast speeds then this is a mouse that can take your speed reading to the next level.

Vertical Mouse

For people who work on a computer all day long, the word ‘ergonomic’ has a special and beloved meaning when it comes to the equipment they use. The Vertical Mouse is one such piece of equipment. Designed to follow the natural movement and action of the forearm and wrist this mouse relieves tension and ensures you can work long hours without experiencing any discomfort. Built with your comfort in mind it is also worth noting that the creators believe so strongly that you will love it that not only do they offer a lifetime warranty but also a full refund is you aren’t satisfied.

Soccer Teams Mouse

This is a great gift for your friend or loved one who might also happen to be a soccer fan. Wireless and asymmetric this mouse is easily used by left or right-handed people. This thoughtful mouse is available in many colors to match you or your friend’s favorite team. Another perk of this mouse is that it is also wireless, meaning it’s great for mobile users.

Luxury Crystal Mouse

Now, this is a bedazzled mouse. This unique computer mouse is laid with rhinestones and available in many colors, the perfect addition for the female gamer. Nothing says my ovaries are bigger than yours when you win a deathmatch with this sparkly mouse. Wireless and high performance this mouse has all the character and power a gal could want.

Trackball Mouse

The Trackball Mouse is perfect for the people out there that have a very executive form of style. This mouse would look right at home on a distressed leather mouse pad sitting next to a personalized whiskey glass. The super cool function of the trackball is that it is touch-operated, giving the user unprecedented smoothness when scrolling through web pages or documents.

Foldable Mouse

Wanna meet the Black Hat’s best friend? This mouse is a poster boy for mobility with its flexibility, meaning you can pick it up and slip it into your pocket while you are on the move. This is the weapon of choice for the digital nomad, it only needs to connect via Bluetooth so you have no USB to keep track of and no cable to fuss with. Sleek in design and sleep in operation I know for a fact I’ll be getting one of these bad puppies.

Bamboo Mouse

If you are one of those ecologically conscious people, and you should be, this bamboo mouse will announce to the world that you care about it. This eco-friendly mouse is also beautiful to look at and because of its bamboo construction. It feels much different than your atypical plastic mouse. It wicks away sweat and allows for better heat dissipation throughout the material. A truly unique purchase.

Iron Man Mouse

Iron Man is easily one of the most iconic characters in the superhero universe. This mouse designed after him is no exception. With glowing blue LED eyes and silent clicking, you can be sure that when raging through a battlefield late at night that your roommates won’t become fearful of your furious clicking. Lay down some heavy fire with this highly stylized mouse.
Get at Them You Digital Gladiator You
The tools make the man or woman, and these are tools for pros. Whether you are a developer or gamer, nobody likes doing a bad job and with equipment like this. You can hedge your bets that you will come out on top of the competition. So pick your weapon from the best unique computer mice and get out there into the digital battlefield, you absolute monster. Maybe you might even consider getting him/her also one of our top gifts for gamers.

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